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5 Ways We’re Making Lives Better in 2019


It feels great to be part of the Border Foods family. Why? Because we’re constantly finding ways to make our team members’ lives better.


In 2018 (and for the fourth year in a row) we matched our team members’ 401(k) contributions in the sum of approximately $140,000, or $.17 on every $1.00 for the first 5% of each employee’s contribution. This brings our 4-year total of employer 401(k) match to approximately $650,000.

Health Care

What’s more, last December we introduced an affordable health care option from Reliance Standard for our team members and shift leaders who work less than 30 hours a week. For any AGMs and above on the benefits plan, the increase this year was only 3.5%. Our increase is just a fragment of the double digit increase that other companies are passing on to the plan participants.

Vacation Donation

In the next couple of weeks, we will be launching a vacation donation program. This program is strictly voluntary. We know our team members may have a family medical emergency, or be affected by a major disaster, resulting in a need for additional time off (often more than their available vacation time). To address this need, all eligible team members will be allowed to donate accrued paid sick or personal leave hours from their unused balance to their co-workers who may need additional paid time off.

Language Classes

We are also offering a conversational Spanish-speaking class for above restaurant leaders and office team staff starting later this month. We’ll pilot a conversational English-speaking class for our AGMs and GMs in the early part of the summer.

Bonus Plan

Finally, at Border Foods, growing your career with us pays off in many ways.  When you join our team, you learn to lead people, understand the inner workings of a high-volume business and you’re compensated based your performance. In 2018, our bonus plan paid out in the amount of almost $2.4 million for our GMs and AGMs. There’s one thing you can’t debate: We’re truly making their lives better.